February specials.

Posted: Jan. 31, 2017, 1:20 p.m.


February bargains plus extra 10% discount on all stock (PromoCode: Eureka2017).

Here are some bargain stock items and an extra 10% off all stock until the end of February.

To get the extra 10% off any stock, just enter the promo code Eureka2017 on the cart screen or checkout page when ordering.

Please also see our next post with some well advanced stock plants which we are now selling off at very attractive prices.

Brunfelsia latifolia 100mm SS:    $3.20   Buy

Ligustrum ovalifolium 'Aureum' 100mm SS (This is NOT one of the noxious species of privet.):    $3.20   Buy

Michelia figo 'Coco' 100mm SS:    $3.20   Buy

Pittosporum tobira 'Cream de Mint' 100mm SS:    $3.20   Buy

Pittosporum tobira 'Miss Muffett' 100mm SS:    $3.20   Buy

Cuphea hyssopifolia 'Jocelyn's Pink' PBR 140mm:    $6.80   Buy
* Well advanced in 140mm pots. Cancelled order

Syzygium smithii var. minor 140mm:    $6.80   Buy
* Well advanced in 140mm pots. Cancelled order.

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