Stock photos May 2018

Posted: May 10, 2018, 5:58 p.m.


Stock photos May 2018

Some photos of current stock as at 10/05/18

Gardenia augusta 'Magnifica' 100mm SS:    $3.20 (Special)   Buy

Jasminum stenolobum 'African Pearl' 100mm SS:    $3.20 (Special)   Buy

Philodendron selloum 'Super Atom' 125mm:    $5.80   Buy

Agapanthus praecox subsp. orientalis 'Blue Form' 100mm SS:    $4.20   Buy

Clivia miniata 50mm NT:    $3.80   Buy

Buxus sempervirens 100mm SS:    $4.20   Buy

Callistemon viminalis 'Wilderness White' 100mm SS:    $4.80   Buy

Tulbaghia violacea 'Variegata' 100mm SS:    $4.20   Buy

Rhaphiolepis indica 'White Form' 100mm SS:    $4.20   Buy

Philodendron 'Xanadu' 125mm:    $5.80   Buy

Pennisetum setaceum 'Red Riding Hood' 100mm SS:    $4.20   Buy

Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' 100mm SS:    $4.80   Buy

Rhaphiolepis 'Apple Blossom' 100mm SS:    $4.80   Buy

Gardenia True Love® 100mm SS:    $4.80   Buy

Ixora chinensis 'Prince Of Orange' 100mm SS:    $4.20   Buy

Dianella 'Silver Streak' 100mm SS:    $4.80   Buy

Dracaena marginata 'Colorama' 100mm SS:    $6.80   Buy

Syngonium podophyllum 'Neon' 125mm:    $3.80   Buy

Syngonium 'Golden Allusion' 125mm:    $3.80   Buy

Syzygium smithii var. minor 'Forest Flame' 100mm SS:    $5.80   Buy

Spathiphyllum 'Carlos' 100mm SS:    $5.20   Buy

Strelitzia reginae 50mm NT:    $3.20   Buy

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