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For the most economical shipping, please remember to adequately fill your boxes.

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General delivery information

  • We must stress that an "Estimated transit time" is not a "Guarantee" nor does it include the time from order submission till dispatch, so we urge you not to book gardeners or other services based on this.
  • Once your delivery area is set, shipping cost will be re-calculated and displayed as you add more items to your cart.
  • This cost will include insurance for plants significantly damaged or lost during transit.
  • Unforeseen delays in transit can be quite common, but will generally not cause any significant damage to the type of stock which we ship.
  • Orders are best placed before Sunday night for delivery that week.  
  • When orders risk being held in a depot over the weekend we will use our discretion as to whether to hold them till Monday unless you specifically instruct us otherwise.
  • It is not essential for you to be present to receive an order, and you should always specify a "Safe drop location" even if you think you will be there.

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