Eureka Nursery: Disease




The key to dealing with disease in the home garden is to know about the diseases associated with the specific plants involved. For gardeners with limited time it is then a matter of simply selecting disease resistant varieties. This is one of the selection criteria for the plants which we grow in our premium range. For more dedicated gradeners who are keen on growing some of the more susceptible varieties, preventative programs are the only effective method of control.

Another important consideration is: Do you really need to control the disease in question? Not all diseases are going to kill or irreparably damage your plants and may be just a seasonal thing. After the season is over you can then just prune and dispose of the diseased material.

The list of different types of diseases is far to large to cover in this guide and it is suggested that you use google to find disease information about the specific plants in quesion. The link below is recommended as a good starting point.