Eureka Nursery: Fettilizing




Controled release fertilisers with at least a 9 month release period are the simplest and most effective way to apply fertiliser. Osmocote® "Total All Purpose" is quite suitable and is best spread on the surface of the soil around the plant before the mulch is applied. An annual application should be adequate for this type of fertilizer.

Some native plants particularly those in the Proteaceae family such as Grevilleas and Banksias have a very low tolerance to high levels of Phosphorus, and fertilizers with zero Phosphorus are marketed for them. However, even these type of plants do have a requirement for some Phosphorus so unless you know that your soil already has an adequate suppy  of Phosphorus then it is better to stick to light application of fertilizes low in Phosphorus such as Osmocote® "Total All Purpose" rather than those with zero Phosphorus.

Furthermore, you should be aware that not all of these Phosphorus sensitive plants are the same, and some varieties such a Grevillea 'Royal Mantle' and many Banksias have an accute sensitivity which may show up in some rich soils as yellowing of the new growth (Iron deficiency) even when no fertilizer has been added. In this case a zero Phosphorus fertilizer may be useful and applications of Iron Chelate can also have a dramatic beneficial effect.