Eureka Nursery: Direct on site purchasing



Purchasing directly from nursery. (Not applicable to stock which is pre-ordered for pickup)

Due to restrictions imposed by the fire ant zone biosecurity permit under which we now operate, any sale of plants directly from the nursery is subject to the conditions as stated on this web page.

Before we can arrange a time with you for direct purchasing, it is necessary for you to read and acknowledge these conditions.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Under the regulations associated with the Biosecurity Act 2014 (National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program), nearly all nurseries on the south side of Brisbane and a large portion in the remainder of South East Queensland are now required to treat all sun grown stock within 28 days prior to any movement off site, or slug their bulk potting mix with a much higher dose of slow release chemical which will remain active for an extended period.

For regular retail nurseries this means all their existing sun grown stock, and a large portion of purchased stock must be treated every 28 days if it is to be ready for reselling at any time.

As we are a grower, not a reseller, not all of our stock will be kept treated and ready for sale without prior notice.

If you just want to pre-order stock, then pick it up at a specified time, there is no problem.

However if you want to come and inspect or purchase stock directly from the nursery, we must ask that you first check our online shop for current stock, and let us know beforehand what stock you are interested in.

We can then let you know whether the stock is ready to go, or we may be able to treat it if it is not.

Note that plastic trays are $2ea. Alternatively you may bring your own trays or boxes to save on this cost.

 I have read and understand the conditions above.